Double Denim Crush—-Look Amazing in these Chick Denim Styles !!!

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Double denim. While all fashion books and stylists say double denim is a big no-no for a fashionista, designers have another opinion. They have reinvented the double denim trend and made it clean, fresh and modern. Do not restrict yourself to a combination of jeans and matching jackets any more. Experiment with denim shirts, cut-offs and accessories. Change silhouettes, play with colors. Double denim is always risky but if you do everything right that risk will pay off.

denim17After a good look around the shops the one trend to have come from the cat-walk to the high street is denim. Denim shirts, denim skirts, double denim (yes that’s right double denim) and denim dresses. A denim dress is a great casual and easy to wear item that will see you through spring, pair with a fun skater shoe for a laid back feel or your favourite sandals or wedges for a dressier look. Many styles for all body shapes can be found to fit all budgets. I must say this one from New Look is great value for money and a steal at cost per wear.
Will you try something new for spring?

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